Our story

Once upon a time, there was a skinny kid living in a family with his four siblings. The father, a teacher, the mother, in charge of taking care of the house and the children, had a quiet routine, as it's usual in the countryside. There, in Espírito Santos's countryside, life went by easily, without the wired big cities’ lifestyle.


Looking from the outside in, this family seemed to be just like any other. But no. This one was different. They had a not so ordinary passion: basketball. Since they first heard of the sport, no one thought about anything else. The family breather basketball night and day. Time passed and each of the siblings followed its own path in the modality. Some took it seriously for a long time, other for not that long… But it’s the skinny one - remember him? - we want to talk about.

The cheeky boy grew up, developed. Started taking the sport more seriously and moved first to the capital, then to another state. Suddenly: bam! Brazilian team. It all happened so fast that when he realized he was already packed and ready to go to Spain. From there it didn’t take too long to get to the top of world basketball, every athlete’s dream: NBA. The boy collected titles and became a worldwide idol.

But the skinny boy never forgot who he was before being a hit and the long path taken to shine under the spotlight. And, more than that, he always wanted to give back to the community a bit of what the sport provided him. To give back a little of everything basketball taught him and to retribute the experiences that made him into the athlete and citizen he now is.

 And this is how, from that child’s dream, the Anderson Varejão Institute was born.

our mission

IAV's mission is to impact the lives of children and teenagers through basketball, working on their physical and psychological capabilities' development, guided by social inclusion educational principles’, spreading values, so that they may become good citizens.

who we are

Founded in 2014, Anderson Varejão Institute is a non-profit organization that develops a sports and socio-educational project, approved by a tax incentive law, intended, primarily, to kids and teenagers between 8 and 15 years old, properly enrolled in public or private schools.

IAV’s actions have as goals the incentive to sports practice, stimulus to motor development and improvement in quality of life. Such improvements reach beyond the courts, with actions that allow family participation, inclusion aspects appreciation, relationship, conviviality and broadening of socialization through sharing of experiences.  

With Anderson Varejão Institute’s action, more and more we have provided good opportunities for the formation of kids and teenagers. Opportunities which we hope will increase by establishing new partnerships and strengthening the already existing ones, thanks to the incessant search of a high management standard, which capacites us to boost education, sport and social responsibility in the communities in which we are inserted.  

João Marcelo Leite

Anderson Varejão Institute's Executive Director

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Rua José Malta, 142, Térreo, Fradinhos, Vitoria, ES 29.042-480


We are a non-profit organization working - based on social inclusion principles - on the development of children and teenagers through basketball. So they become good citizens.


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Rua José Malta, nº 142, Térreo, Fradinhos, Vitoria, Espírito Santo. CEP: 29.042-480


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